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Challenges Faced by

Facility Managers

Current Challenges


Large number of systems to manage hence leading to intensive labour.

New Challenges

1. Energy wastage caused by edge devices.

2. High operational costs due to automation.

3. Ongoing carbon emission related to user behavior.

Challenges Unsolved

1. Energy optimization overlooks service quality.

2. CMMS platforms are missing tailored analytics.

3. BMS solutions are too generic.

What We Offer.

All-in-one Data Science Platform for Facility Management – powered by the Cloud. 

How Can Ambient Help


Customers can do all this
through a single platform
purpose-built for real estate
and powered by the cloud &
data science.


Data science leverages not just
cutting-edge machine learning
algorithms, but domain expertise
within civil engineering and
supporting sciences.


This is more than a dashboard or a
DIY tool available today, it’s the
customer’s very own in-house expert. Customer has access to a dedicated ‘Account Engineer’ managing the whole platform on their behalf.


Our models are patented, which
means that you’ll have access to
leading edge innovation before it
becomes mainstream.

Our Product

We connect important data feeds to a unified data hub.

We identify revenue opportunity across design & operations.

We track track performance & automate on-demand services.

Flexible On-demand Subscription

No more onboarding, training and

manpower reliance. Fast up-time

and results through Ambient’s

subscription service.

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Simple and Affordable Pricing Plans

No more reliance on expensive

consultants or in-house teams.

One platform powered for all

your data science use cases.

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Specialized AI Models Built on

Domain Expertise

Reach business goals across energy efficiency, environment, and compliance  with Ambient’s state of the art AI models.







Seamless Building Integration:


Connect IoT systems to existing building management system – or have Ambient implement them based on your requirements. Enjoy full connectivity across the facility and perform real-time equipment adjustments based on client needs.



Monitoring In Real-Time:


Access real-time data through online dashboards and securely archive all critical operational information.

Start measuring most important parameters like

space utilization and foot traffic.


Leverage combined power of AI and Human Experts:


Leverage latest machine learning models to improve the service quality and reduce operational costs.

Access curated insights by our network of advisors who can help fine tune your retail operations, enabling better service and more accurate costing predictions.

Facility Managers are tasked with complex coordination of maintenance, customer experience, sustainability, and other objectives to ensure high-quality service and profitability.

Ambient provides a tailored SaaS offering for sustainable facility management.

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