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Where Opportunity Meets Innovation

  • Sustainability deals with carbon taxation and asset allocation and relocation.​​​​​​​​

Challenge Faced

Collection of data is tedious and time-consuming. It can be difficult to coordinate between departments about the type of data used.

Key Benefits


Customers can do all this through a single platform purpose-built for real estate and powered by the cloud & data science.


Data science leverages not just cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, but domain expertise within civil engineering and supporting sciences.


This is more than a dashboard or a DIY tool available today, it’s the customer’s very own in-house expert. Customer has access to a dedicated ‘Account Engineer’ managing the whole platform on their behalf.


Our models are patented, which means that you’ll have access to leading edge innovation before it becomes mainstream.


Connect important data feeds to a unified data hub


Identify revenue opportunities across design & operations


Connect important data feeds to a unified data hub

Our Solution to You

Our All-in-one Data Science Platform provides an integrated overview of energy consumption data across facilities and buildings on one dashboard. 

Unique Selling Point


Efficient Data Collection & Analysis


Inexpensive Technology Adoption


Cutting Edge Patent-Pending Technology

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